Word Kitten now available on iTunes!

The Purr-fect edutainment virtual pet game for kids is now on your iTunes App Store! Let your kids have fun while still having a way with words in Word kitten!

Help Emma renovate her shabby pet store to raise an adorable kitten to compete with other fabulous cats in the upcoming pet runway shows. Play the mini-games and engage your child with sight words that will train your child’s memory, hearing, and vocabulary skills! You can also teach your kitty various tricks and catwalk-ready poses while changing up your feline’s dress, accessories and even its fur color!

Have an endless fun and learning experience in Word Kitten, the right “meow-tivation” for your children! Coming soon to Android!

More fun and learning with Baby Cortex’s Thanksgiving promos!

Kids learn better when it’s fun! Enjoy awesome deals on Baby Cortex apps this Thanksgiving! Get Baby Cortex’s highly rated edutainment apps for Android and iOS, such as Astro Boy Piano, Baby Flash Cards, Baby Classical Series, Alphabet car, and many more for only a fraction of its price! Valid on Google Play, iTunes App Store, and Amazon now, right up to Cyber Monday, December 2.

Check out our apps for each store below, or visit our products page to view our full catalog. Speed up your child’s growth and learning! Download Baby Cortex apps today!


Math Run now available on iTunes and Google Play!

Baby Cortex proudly presents its newest, highly innovative, action-packed edutainment app for Android and iOSMath Run! Let your kids practice their math skills while playing this fun reflex-based running game!


The goal of this game is to help the cute little panda escape the clutches of a big bully with the aid of three Math wizards, ready to help, but only if you answer their questions correctly! Dash through maze-like city streets, exotic jungles, and barren deserts, avoid obstacles, and solve various math problems! Aligned with the Common Core standards for Kindgergarten through Grade 4, Math Run improves your child’s reflexes and wit by posing arithmetic questions to allow the player to advance or earn specific rewards!

Run like the wind and solve math problems in this magical, exciting, and brain-twisting adventure! Download Math Run on Google Play and iTunes!


Lucky Grasshopper Chinese Flash Cards hops onto iTunes

A new and innovative way of learning is coming your way in Lucky Grasshopper Chinese Flash Cards!Lucky Grasshopper Chinese Flash Cards is an exciting and innovative way to familiarize your child with animals.

Join the fun and exciting adventures of Lucky Grasshopper in this awesome educational app about animals. Familiarize your child with the appearance of different creatures using colorful and vivid animal flash cards. Teach your child the names of these animals using voice playbacks in English and Chinese!





Download Lucky Grasshopper Chinese Flash Cards, FREE on iOS!

Baby Writer and Baby Shapes and Animals now on Google Play!

Two of Baby Cortex’s finest edutainment apps are now available to Android users! Teach your child about animals and shapes in Baby Shapes and Animals, or let your child learn how to write in a fun way with Baby Writer!


Baby Shapes and Animals

Explore the wonders of shapes and animals with your child on your mobile device! Baby Shapes and Animals is a fun puzzle app that lets your children learn various shapes while playing cute animal puzzles.

This informative and entertaining app promises countless hours of fun and learning. Featuring 52 Animals, 7 Environments and 7 Tunes, your child will surely enjoy this app while they develop their visual and mental abilities.


Baby Shapes and Animals is available for FREE on Google Play and the iTunes Store!


Baby Writer

Play Baby Writer with your child and see him/her learn new words, building up a rich vocabulary. Baby Writer is a fun and smart way to teach children how to write, speak and use new words.

To help them with children’s learning and development, entertaining visual aids and sound effects are included in the app. Your child can use fingers as a pen to practice basic handwriting skills. Baby Writer contains 6 categories with more than 200 words that guarantee endless hours of fun and learning for you and your child.


Get Baby Writer on Google Play and the iTunes Store, FREE!

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