New Release: Word Magic on Amazon Appstore

Here comes a brand new educational series: Word Magic!

Dino is your inexperienced and wacky little assistant. He is always forgetting to fill in the letters of each word! Dino needs you to be a bright little bulb and complete each of the words by filling in the correct letter based off of a picture. Every letter is crucial to make this magic show work!


Word Magic


Forget Your Boring Flash Cards

Word Magic incorporates a magic theme, using this experience to boost learning new words by engaging your child in an interactive game. Using Word Magic regularly will help improve your child’s visual recognition and spelling ability. Allow this fabulous application to take your child on a glittery and magical ride. It is well suited for children 3 to 7 and up.


Word Magic


Learning New Words is a Breeze

When a new word is played, stars will burst right out of a hat to read you the word that matches to the object. Your child will be challenged to fill in the blanks. Every five words, your child will be rewarded by one of our favorite secret magic shows. There are over 20 of these shows! There score card features will let you know which words were answered correctly.


Word Magic


More Word Magic Awaits You

When you have unlocked a level, you can instantly access a new set of words. The most challenging levels can get up to four letters missing. If there are new words your child would like to learn, you can enter “Learn” mode and play the word list and have Word Magic read to you as many times as you wish.

Word Magic is free to download. There is no better way to fuse learning new words with magic, join us today for a fun and magical learning experience. Learn new words like never before!

Word Magic for Android on the Amazon Appstore (Free)

Word Magic for Android on the Android Market (Free)

Baby Flash Cards Now Available on Android

The Baby Flash Cards iPhone app that reaches over 400,000 downloads is now available on Android. So check out in Android Market on your Android handset. Baby Flash Cards Android is a free app that contains over 200 different English vocabulary flash cards with cute illustrations and easy-to-use interface. Hope you and your kids enjoy it.

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