Prepare to conquer towers with cuddly characters in Kitty vs Dragons, or be the chosen one in Little Magic School!

Kitty vs Dragons


Combine adorable cats, scary dragons, and numerous dungeons in this classic RPG fantasy game, Kitty vs Dragons! Evil dragons have invaded the land, and they want to rule the world with the help of the magic crystal. You will help Lynx in searching for the nine missing crystal bearers and help bring peace to the world. Gear up as you journey through 240 tower floors filled with evil creatures, and develop powerful hero skills as you face the Dragon King and save the princess in the end. You can’t save the world alone. Gather Cat Food and spend them to summon your allies. Don’t forget to pick up the Cat Coins scattered throughout the dungeon, as you can use these to improve your party’s skills and abilities. Sharpen your claws in this adorable strategy game!

Little Magic School



Join the fight against evil and be the best wizard there is in this mix of RPG, tower defense, and real-time strategy game, Little Magic School! The undead dragon Gaping Maw is bent on taking over the world, and the Academy is now being attacked by zombies, ghouls, and evil spirits. Young Aden the Scarlet, the reckless student of Fire, is the academy’s last hope for peace. Along with his pet drake Flamey, he’ll go on a quest to protect the last dragon egg against these forces of evil. Gather powerful allies and build a powerful magical army to help you in your search for salvation. You can also upgrade weapons and skills using mystical gems scattered throughout the battlefield. This thrilling action game features unique cartoon-inspired art style, giving you a vivid fantasy world where witchcraft and wizardry are the keys to bringing peace.