Baby Piano is now available on iPad! Baby Piano HD, an enhanced version of the Baby Piano iPhone app, is specially designed for kids to play on an iPad, for early music learning and exploration.

Colourful interface and cute animal icons that are eye-catching to kids, hence to stimulate their interest in playing music.

Introducing the new 2-player mode which allows you to play music together with your kid, side by side on the iPad screen. Any notes you played will be highlighted on the opposite side of the iPad screen so your kid may follow and learn to play songs from you.

Features highlight:

  • Colorful 15-key piano with cute and animated animal characters.
  • Switch to animal sound mode and to mimic the animal sounds!
  • 3 modes of music playing: Freesplay; play along with a nursery rhyme by touching on the highlighted notes OR; touch on any notes and still make a song!
  • 9 children songs to learn and play with.
  • Record & playback function: Storing permanently up to 3 songs on your iPad.
  • A lock slide to cover the function buttons in case you want your kid just to play a song but not to mess around with the buttons.


Baby Piano HD is now available on iTunes for US$2.49.