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Baby Memory Cue HD for iPad

Here comes Baby Cortex‘s second iPad app, Baby Memory Cue HD. Baby Memory Cue HD is an adorably-cute version of the well-loved, classic game of memory. All you have to do is to memorize as many as you can the position of the images and as the game begins, flip two identical tiles in succession till you can proceed to the next level.

App Features:

  • 4 nicely-constructed levels.
  • 44 charmingly-designed cards.
  • Voice feature for each card.
  • 2-players versus mode.



Baby Memory Cue HD is now available on the App Store for US$2.99. We also have a free preview version Baby Memory Cue HD Lite so do check it out!

Baby Photos gets recommended by

Our Baby Photos iPhone app gets recommended by the popular online community site for moms – Posh Little. We are glad that they enjoyed our app and we really appreciate for their recommendation. To read the blog post by Posh Little, please click on this link below:

Posh Little is a lifestyle community for mommies geared towards trendy baby gear, resources for new moms, product reviews, recalls, online games and more. They aim to provide a fun and interactive way for moms to meet, share, learn, play and shop.

Baby Photos is now available for US$1.99 on the App Store. We also have the free version Baby Photos Lite with full functions but limited picture stamps and frames.

Baby Flash Cards 2 HD “In the Spotlight”

Baby Flash Cards 2 HD is currently “In the Spotlight” on the iPad App Store, under the Education category. Hurray!!

Up to now the sales of Baby Flash Cards 2 HD has been doing very well, so here we would like to say thanks to all of you. Remember if you have any comments and suggestions, do feel free to drop us an email and let us know.

Baby Flash Cards 2 HD is a Baby Cortex product and now available on iTunes for US$1.99. There’s also a preview version, Baby Flash Cards 2 Lite HD, which is free to download.

Baby Piano iPhone App – User Videos

Here are 2 videos by our Baby Piano users. Enjoy!

You may download Baby Piano Lite for free. There’s also a paid version Baby Piano that comes with more features and is avaliable for US$1.99.

Baby Memory Cue iPhone App – User Video

Watch this kid from Taiwan playing with our iPhone app Baby Memory Cue Lite. Apparently he enjoys Baby Memory Cue Lite more than his lunch! :)

Don’t forget to download our free app Baby Memory Cue Lite on iTunes. There’s also a paid version Baby Memory Cue that comes with more different game modes and is avaliable for US$1.99.

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