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Baby Flash Cards 2 Now Editable and Recordable

Now you can design you own flash cards on iPhone in any dialect!

In this latest version of the iPhone app Baby Flash Cards 2, you are now able to record your voice and change the text for each flash card. In other words, you can teach any dialect you want to your child may it be through reading or speech!

Baby Flash Cards 2 is a fun way to tutor your children different languages through child-friendly pictures and interface. With the iPhone’s ease of browsing feature, you may teach your kids anytime and anywhere conveniently!


It’s free upgrade for all the existing Baby Flash Cards 2 customers.

Baby Flash Cards 2 is a Baby Cortex product developed by Dream Cortex and now available on the App Store for US$1.99.

Baby Piano v1.2 – Now you may record and store up to 3 songs

To thank you all for your support and valuable comments, we continue to make enhancement and improvement to our iPhone apps. With the latest update of Baby Piano you may now be able to record and store up to 3 songs on your iPhone, so at any time you may playback the songs recorded by you or by your child. A simple feature though, it makes a big difference with the playability and experience.

All users who previously purchased v1.0 or v1.1 will get a free upgrade. Once again, thank you so much for your support!

Baby Memory Cue iPhone App Now Available

Baby Memory Cue is an adorably-cute version of the well-loved, classic game of Memory. All you have to do is to memorize as many as you can the position of the images and as the game begins, flip two identical tiles in succession till you can proceed to the next level.

Baby Memory Cue not only will take your mind off a few things by playing a memory game using tiles of lovable designs, but it will also exercise your brain and sharpen your memorization skills. What a great iPhone game to play on your own and with your kids!

App Features:

  • 4 nicely-constructed levels.
  • 44 charmingly-designed cards.
  • Voice feature for each card.

    Baby Memory Cue is now available on the App Store for US$1.99. We also have a free preview version Baby Memory Cue Lite so do check it out!

    Baby Photos Review by The iPhone Mom

    Thanks to Heather from for writing this great review for our Baby Photos iPhone app. As she did before for our Baby Piano review, Heather wrote to us an honest review and with many valuable comments. So once again, thanks to Heather and we highly recommend you to check out her blog at

    Here’s Heather’s review for our Baby Photos:



    If you enjoy the review and you were interested in Baby Photos, go download it at the App Store. It is now available for US$1.99. We are also offering the free version Baby Photos Lite with full functions but limited picture stamps and frames.

    Baby Photos iPhone App Now Available

    We are proud to announce the release of our latest iPhone app – Baby Photos. With Baby Photos you can design photo of your kids, your friends and yourself with all the cute and funny picture stamps and frames. You may also share the pictures with your friends and family on Facebook or send by email with the built-in export function.

    Baby Photos comes with both Lite (free) and Paid (US$1.99) versions. While the Lite version has limited choice of stamps and frames, the paid version has the following features:

    – Contains 100 cute picture stamps.
    – 20 picture frames.
    – Freehand drawing.
    – Add text with different fonts and colours.
    – Save your picture as JPEG image and export to your Facebook account.
    – Send by email.


    Baby Photos is now available on the App Store for US$1.99. We are also offering the free version Baby Photos Lite with full functions but limited picture stamps and frames.

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